Sample Sale FAQ

What is a sample sale? 

A sample sale gives customers the opportunity to shop for discounted items that are in excess or do not meet company standards. The items we will be offering will be up to 50% off! 

What does not meeting standards look like?

For us at Tono, disqualifying factors for our pieces can be any of the following:
-Pieces that are in any way damaged in the hand-dyed process (ex: rips, dye stains, burns)
-Pieces that have been used for a styled shoot and are now stained or less than perfect
-Silk that has been received damaged 
-Colors that have been changed or came out incorrect 
-The sizing of an item has been adjusted and we have an excess of items in the wrong size

All of the items listed will have a description of what disqualified them from being sold at full price and in most case pictures of the defects. All of the items sold at the sale may have additional minor irregularities not listed. 


How do I participate? 

The sale will be done through Instagram due to the sheer number and variety of pieces we have to offer! Each piece will have its own post with instructions on how to purchase. Follow @tonosamplesale for more information on how to participate. If there are any remaining pieces after the sale, they will be posted to our site, but we can't guarantee there will be anything left! 


When will the sale be held? 

The sale will start Monday, January 28th after 9am PST and go through Friday, February 1st with new listings every day! 


What items can I expect to see? 

We have a variety of pieces in all weights of our silk, along with wearables in every color! From Styling Textiles, to backdrops, to Scarves, we have over 300 pieces! The most common items will be Classic Textiles and Silk Hankies.

Processing and shipping 

Standard processing times still apply. All sample sale items will come with minimal packaging and ship via USPS Priority Mail. If you wish to upgrade you shipping, let us know at the time of completing your purchase or contact our shop directly. All sample sale items are sold as-is and are final sale. They are not eligible for return or exchange.