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Styling around the holidays is near and dear to us here at Tono + co! We know that creating wonderful holiday moments through design not only gets you in a festive mood, but is a way to treat the ones you love with kindness and generosity. This year we teamed up with Red Cap Cards, a stationary company with some to-die-for gift wrapping, to create our favorite holiday looks. We’ve put together a small gift styling guide to help you put your best holiday foot forward for this season. 

The Color Red

One of our favorite ways to pick out ribbon color is by choosing an accent color in the gift wrapping you are using. Most gift wrapping is composed of multiple colors, which gives you plenty of options to choose from! Having a matching accent color and ribbon brings a sense of cohesion to your decorating and highlights small and delicate details.

We’ve embellished these gifts with our Classic and Gossamer Ribbons in POPPY by drawing from the colored flowers in the Indian Summer gift wrapping.

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Ever wonder why green and red make such beautiful holiday colors? They’re complements! Complementary colors are any two hues that are opposites on the color wheel. Using this color scheme will bring visual contrast to your wrapping and be sure to draw attention to your gifts under the tree!

We’ve used our ORO and HONEY Classic Ribbons and Odds + Ends to complement the blue textured design in “River Toile."

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Another great way to spruce-up your holiday wrapping is to add a little textured embellishment. Ornaments, hand-made goodies, and even a small sprig all work to make your wrapping feel unique and bring a hand-made quality to your decorating. You’d be amazed at what fun treasures you can find in your own yard! 

Little snippets of Cypress are what we chose to accompany our ROSE GOLD and MOSS Classic Ribbons with “Xmas Shapes” holiday wrapping.

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Another beautiful color story you can easily incorporate is by using ribbons in the same color family. This is known as a monochromatic color scheme. Utilizing varying shades of one color can bring your wrapping to the next level and display a sense of intentionality and thoughtfulness. 

We chose to use our SEA and STORM Classic Ribbons to complement the “Citrus Peach” gift wrapping.

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If you’re still unsure of how to get started, don’t sweat it! Some of the most stunning wrapping is achieved by staying minimalistic. A simple paper and gorgeous ribbon go a long way and have a timeless look. 

For this simple ochre paper we chose to style with our Classic Ribbon in COTTON.

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The Color Red 

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The Forest Collection

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