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Signature Pigment Acid Dye


Lusting after our colors? We don’t blame you. Hand-mixed to the gram in our Santa Ana, California studio, our Signature Pigments are as close as it gets to perfection. And, now they can be all yours to dye any protein fiber, from silk (of course) to wool and even dried flowers.

Use Urea to help dissolve the pigments and avoid freckling when dying fibers.

Add Citric Acid to your dye bath to affix the color to your fiber, making it wash fast.

Protein Fibers: Prewash your fiber. Use 1 gallon of water per 1⁄2 lb of fiber. Heat water to 180 degrees fahrenheit. Mix your pigment (+ urea) into hot water until dissolved. Add fiber, stir for 10 minutes. Mix in Citric Acid, stir for 10 minutes. Rinse well.

Dried Flowers: We recommend using 1 tbsp of Signature Pigment dissolved in Urea for every 10 quarts of water. Start by submerging the dried florals for 30 mins in 150 degree water for a softer tone. To achieve a darker tone increase Signature Pigment to 2 tbsp and submerge for 1-2 hours in 150 degree water.