We are constantly striving to perfect our color recipes. Over time recipes can get adjusted and dye lots that create our pigments can change abruptly. As a result, our colors can shift slightly over time. We understand how important having an accurate sample color can be to the creative process. This year we've decided to offer free updated swatches to all of our customers who have previously purchased a Swatch Card with us. 

All Swatch Card Update Packs will come with a single 2 inch x 1 inch sample in Fawn, Berry, Rose Gold, Copper, Moss, Sea, Aubergine, and Slate. We recommend using a card to replace your new samples. To qualify for a free Swatch Card Update Pack, you must have purchased a Swatch Card. If you have not purchased a Swatch Card with us, you will not be eligible to receive a Swatch Card Update Pack. All Swatch Card Update Packs will ship no later than 5 business days after the request is placed.