The Scout in Poppy

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Here at Tono + Co we are passionate about color!  We have created limited edition colors to explore new tones and variations outside of our signature collections.  Product amount is limited, so don't miss out!

The Scout is our smaller size scarf, 25" square. It is 100% silk, with a slightly crinkled texture, and graceful drape. The beauty is in the details with its hand rolled edge sewn with 100% silk thread. The cotton colored hand dyed scarf is the lightest tone offered, it has a soft off-white tint.

Soft in hand and light in weight, it's the perfect accessory for those hot summer days. With endless ways to wear it—around your wrist, your neck, or the handle of your tote—you'll never get bored of The Scout.

All scarves come with a brass Scarf Slide and our "How to Wear Your Classic Scarf Guide."